MOMS Club? of Ithaca, NY

MOMS Offering Moms Support

Welcome to the Ithaca MOMS Club!

The MOMS Club of Ithaca, NY, is a support group for women just like you, the stay-at-home mother of today (including moms who work part-time and those who work from home).  We are women desiring a variety of activities for both ourselves and our children, and proud of our choice of at-home mothering!

The Ithaca MOMS Club provides support for mothers as well as a forum for topics related to children, child-rearing, personal, and family improvement.  We engage in activities designed to enrich the lives of our children and families, and participate in at least one charitable and humanitarian project related to children per year.

Members of the Ithaca MOMS Club come not only from Ithaca, but also from the surrounding areas of Lansing, Dryden, Trumansburg, and other locations bordering Ithaca proper.


 Upcoming Events

For the privacy and protection of our moms and children, we do not post specific meeting times or places on our website. 

For more information about upcoming events and membership, email us at the address below: